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Tesla shareholders approve Elon Musk’s $2.6 billion performance award

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Shareholders voted to approve Tesla’s new performance award for CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday, allowing the electric car maker and energy company to keep the billionaire entrepreneur as its head for the next decade. With Musk’s $2.6-billion pay plan approved, Tesla is now set to take on its biggest challenge yet, with the company aiming to reach a market cap of $650 billion by the end of the 10-year-mark.

The votation for Musk’s high-stakes, high-reward compensation plan was held at the Tesla Training Center on Fremont, CA, where shareholders voted for or against the 10-year plan. Proxy cards from shareholders submitted through the internet, phone, and regular mail also determined if Musk’s award would be approved.

Patterned after Elon Musk’s 5-year performance award back in 2012, the new 10-year plan requires several breakthroughs for Tesla before the serial tech entrepreneur would be compensated. Under the new plan, Musk would only get rewards if he meets 12 milestones for Tesla, comprised of $50 billion additions to the company’s market cap and a series of operational targets. If Tesla fails to attain these goals, Musk would not be compensated at all. Tesla’s investor communication describes the high-stakes nature of Musk’s performance award.

“For each of the 12 tranches that is achieved, Elon will vest in stock options that correspond to 1% of Tesla’s current total outstanding shares (1% of that amount is approximately 1.69 million shares). If none of the 12 tranches is achieved, Elon will not receive any compensation.”




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