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Tesla bids for a new world’s largest Powerpack battery system in Colorado

Via Electrek |

After breaking a few energy storage records with its battery system projects in Australia, Tesla looks to come back to the US to build a new world’s largest Powerpack battery system in Colorado.

Earlier this year, we reported on Xcel Energy, an electric utility company operating across the Midwest, Colorado and several other states, requesting bids for major renewable energy and storage projects in Colorado.

Some of the bids for standalone battery systems as well as batteries with solar and wind installations were among the best ever seen before.

Now Xcel has confirmed the companies placing the bids on the projects, including Tesla and NextEra Energy for standalone battery projects.

Tesla refused to comment on the project since it’s just in the proposal phase at this point, but Xcel’s documents show that it would become the biggest Powerpack project in the world if the electric utility decides to greenlight the proposal.

In South Australia, Tesla’s 100MW/ 129MWh Powerpack project is known as “the most powerful battery system in the world” and while this proposal in Colorado would not be as powerful with a power capacity of 75 MW, it would be able to run for 4 hours, which would require a much bigger energy capacity of 300 MWh.




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