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Source Confirms World Rallycross Championship Is “Absolutely” Going Electric

Via Inside EVs |


The World Rallycross Championship is set to switch to fully electric cars in 2020, we’ve learned.

Plans for electric cars to be introduced into the World RX structure were revealed last August, but a source has now revealed that electric cars will take the place of conventional internal combustion engine Supercars in the headline category after next year.

“Electric cars will be the world championship. They absolutely, categorically will be the world championship,” the source told Autosport.

“Fifteen cars are required to begin in 2020. Nine different manufacturers have been engaged in the discussions and negotiations so far, but the ability to buy the required components and build a car has to be open to privateer teams if they want to go that way too.”

It is understood the new electric cars will be based on a common carbon monocoque tub and safety structure that will be supplied as part of a chassis kit, expected to also include suspension and braking systems.

The FIA is expected to issue an invite to tender for the chassis kit in the coming weeks, with an additional invite to tender for batteries.

It is believed that motors will not be from a single supplier and neither will the composite bodyshells that will sit on top of the carbon chassis, allowing for different models of cars to be used.



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