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See What It’s Like To Own And Drive A “Cheap” Chinese EV?

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Perhaps you’ve been curious how these extraordinarily inexpensive Chinese electric cars stack up, not to mention what the “rules” are in China surrounding a driver’s license and driving?

One of our avid readers that tends to share about the Chinese EV market on a regular basis recently shared a video of an American living in China and owning/driving a new “Beijing” BAIC EV160. Whether or not it interests you, we were truly fascinated by the information gleaned from the share.

Beijing BAIC EV60 interior

Spartan interior yes … but it does the job, and no American company can even come close on price!

We don’t know everything, and there is such an immense amount of information out there, especially on a global level, that we can’t possibly track it all down.

Anyhow, we’re not here to say that this car is luxurious, spacious, or has a long range, but it does what it’s set out to do, and does it well. The American market has not trodden in this territory whatsoever, though it could and should.

For ~$9,000 USD, it’s actually pretty incredible





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