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Porsche says Tesla’s Superchargers are not sustainable

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When Tesla introduced its Supercharger network, it was not only the most powerful charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, but the company also made it free to use for its customers.

Porsche now says that Tesla’s approach is not sustainable and they will go a different way with their own charging infrastructure for the upcoming Mission E.

Lutz Meschke, deputy chairman of Porsche’s executive board, recently talked to journalists about Porsche’s approach to the cost of charging and compared it to Tesla’s.

When it was brought up that Tesla was offering free access to its Supercharger network, Meschke said (via Gearbrain):

“Yes, but it was only free for a while. You can not run things like this, you have to earn money from these services.”

While it’s true that Tesla recently started charging for accessing its Supercharger network, the majority of owners, Model S and Model X owners, still have free access to the network through the referral program. Only Model 3 owners currently have to pay to access the network.

For those owners, the company recently increased the cost of Supercharging in several regions, but the overall cost still remains significantly less expensive than gasoline in most cases.

Tesla says that they still don’t aim to make the Supercharger network a “profit center”.

Porsche disagrees with the approach.

Meschke said that they plan to start charging from the beginning and have charging cost “a similar amount” to gasoline.

They plan to make a profit from it:

“Yes we try to do this [bill from day one] of course. We can invest in the beginning but after two or three years you have to be profitable with the new services, of course.”

But it’s not clear how much control they will have over that since their main charging infrastructure effort is currently through the Ionity charging network, which is a consortium that includes several other automakers.

Though the automaker also plans to add stations at its own facilities, like dealerships, and in the US, they will have access to Electrify America’s initiative, which is controlled by Volkswagen, Porsche’s parent company.

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