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New Zealand May Soon Get a Flying Taxi Service

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In New Zealand, no one cares if you can’t fly. The nation is home to many flightless birds, such as the kea and the ultra-rare yellow-eyed penguin. In fact, if you can’t fly in New Zealand, you might even make it onto the nation’s money — just look at the kiwi, the country’s pride and joy.

So how, then, will the island nation take to taxis that fly?

We might soon find out. In April of 2017, Kitty Hawk, the flying car company backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, released the first footage of a prototype in action. Now, it seems that a finalized version of a flying automobile is taking to the skies. The New York Times reports that Kitty Hawk has been conducting “stealth test flights” in New Zealand over the last few months. On March 13, Kitty Hawk unveiled the vehicle’s prototype to the world, alongside official flight footage.



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