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LG Chem to triple EV battery production in Poland

Via Push EVs |

LG Chem ready to dominate EV battery production in Europe.

LG Chem’s EV battery plant in Poland is currently operating with an annual production capacity of 100.000 batteries. However, due to an expected massive shift to electric cars from European automakers during the next decade, LG Chem already plans to soon triple the annual production capacity to 300.000 units.

How soon we don’t know yet, but I guess that we can say by 2020/2021. That’s when European automakers will finally have to get more serious about electric cars – in order to comply with tighter EU emissions standards.


LG Chem EV battery global production

While in China Volkswagen chose CATL, in Europe Volkswagen will probably choose LG Chem as its EV battery cell supplier for the MEB platform. However, in the near future it seems that the upcoming second generation Renault Zoe and the 2019 Nissan Leaf will use most of LG Chem’s EV battery production capacity in Europe.



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