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Israel to ban import of diesel & gas powered cars by 2030

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The Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz stated as much at an energy conference in Tel Aviv, and went on to explain his plan for Israel to cease using fossil fuels in the same time frame. Ultimately, the goal is for the economy to rely solely on renewable energy.

This marks a new direction for Israeli green technology, which had not been particularly strongly supported in the past. The new policy would focus more on renewable energy and natural gas to power the nations economy and transportation.

“I’m not going to give in to any pressure, neither the energy companies, nor the fuel companies and not anyone else,” Steinitz stated in the face of demonstrators from the Hadera area, who were protesting natural gas infrastructure close to the shore. The protesters had previously caused him concern as their environmental concerns have hampered construction of the Leviathan gas reservoir, located 10 km off the coast, for years, which has been an expensive ordeal for the nation.

Steinitz based his decision on an OECD report, which stated that 2,500 Israelis died from the results of air pollution; a monumental number compared to 350 who died in traffic accidents.

Currently, about 70% of Israels energy comes from natural gas, and most of the rest is taken from coal. Only 2% of Israels energy comes from renewable sources. This is a step up from 2014, when coal accounted for 50% of the nations power, and development will be directed for renewable sources to make up 17% of the energy economy, while natural gas covers the rest.,

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