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Israel Aerospace planning to launch fully electric Airplane

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The Israeli aviation company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is planning to develop a fully electric airplane with a range of around 900 km. The first prototype is planned to take to the skies in three years.

So far the details regarding the subject are scarce – we do know that the airplane is planned to be the size of a Beechcraft King Air 350, and will have a maximum take-off weight of between 4,350 and 6,800 kg.

It is planned to be used for inter-city stretches. Moshe Medina, IAI vice president and director of the development and technical division, has said that he is convinced of the coming dominance of electric mobility in the air. In order to take advantage of the Next Big Thing in time, IAI has invested heavily into research and development of electric propulsion systems and batteries.





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