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Faraday Future teases fleet of FF91 electric car prototypes as it still aims for launch this year

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Despite its many setbacks over the last few years, Faraday Future claims that it is now flush with money and still plans to launch the FF91, its first electric vehicle, by the end of the year.

The startup now teases a new fleet of prototypes ahead of the launch.


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We have all said that despite all its issues, Faraday Future did develop a pretty cool electric vehicle.

With a 130kWh battery pack configuration, FF claims that the FF91 will have 1050 horsepower. Faraday Future says this is the most of any electric car (but actually falls short of some hypercars like the current Rimac Concept_One and now some other upcoming electric cars) and has 378 miles of EPA range.

Last year, it also set a new “production” EV record at Pike’s Peak – beating the previous year’s Tesla P90D by 20+ seconds.

We have been seeing a few beta prototypes of the car over the last year and we even saw a pretty cool side-by-side with the Tesla Model X, but now FF has a few more beta prototypes ready for a new round of testing.

They wrote last week:

“Our growing fleet of beta cars is ready to be deployed to testing grounds for system refinement and calibration as we keep pushing FF 91 to the limit.”

Here’s a video of the beta cars:




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