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Danish Nerve Smart Systems to launch new charger

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The Danish company Nerve Smart Solutions has announced they are ready to reveal a new generation of fast-charging stations for EVs, which will be “significantly faster, without overloading the power grid.”

The nerve switch battery solution, as the manufacturer calls it, is said to be able to charge an EV in less than ten minutes with a 350 kW high power charging station, connected to the energy grid with a regular connection.

The solution entails using a buffer between the grid and the charger, which will allow for avoiding the expensive grid connectors, which are currently required by fast-chargers. The buffer provides sufficient power to charge a vehicle quickly, regardless of grid capacity.

The company recently won a 2.4 million euro grant from the EU Horizon2020 project, which has called for significant investment into battery technology and charging solutions. The new technology will cut a significant amount of installation and operating costs, and may be relevant to service stations, logistics centres, as well as shopping malls or hotels. The company is now looking for Phase 2 investors to help finance the production of the patent-pending battery solution.

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