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BMW to unveil a series of new all-electric vehicles this year: iX3, iNEXT, and more

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BMW has been complacent about all-electric vehicles since launching the i3 back in 2013.

Now it plans a second wave of all-electric vehicles and the company’s CEO confirmed today that they will be unveiled this year.

At the BMW’s Annual Accounts Press Conference 2018 todau, Harald Krüger, BMW’s CEO, made the announcement during his presentation:

“Over the course of the year, we will present a number of pure-electric concept vehicles that will all go into series production, like: The first all-electric BMW – the iX3. Our new technology flagship, the BMW iNEXT, the captivating BMW i Vision Dynamics, which I just announced in Geneva as the BMW i4. We will produce both the iNEXT and the BMW i4 in Germany. These models are proof of our innovative strength.”

A few weeks ago, he did confirm that the BMW i Vision Dynamics will come to market as the BMW i4.

But now he also adds that the electric version of the X3, now called iX3, will be unveiled this year along with the BMW iNEXT, which the German automaker claims will be a Tesla Model 3 competitor.

He commented on the car:

“The BMW iNEXT is far more than just a car. By that, we mean it is a future-proof, scalable modular system. It will enable the entire company and all our brands in terms of technology, design and new approaches. The iNEXT combines Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services.”




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