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ABB Hints At Big EV Bus Project – 35 Vehicles, 8 450 kW Chargers

Via Inside EVs|

Trondheim is gearing up for the Norway’s biggest electric bus project with 35 fully electric buses and fast charging infrastructure for four electrified routes.

ABB Heavy Vehicle Charger (HVC)

ABB is the supplier for eight 450 kW Heavy Vehicle Chargers (HVCs), while buses will come from two manufacturers:

  • 25 Volvo 7900 Electric buses
  • 10 Heuliez GX 437 buses

Buses will fast charge on the OppCharge (open standard) stations for 3-6 minutes.

Deliveries are scheduled for 2019 and who knows, maybe it will start another chapter in Norwegian electrification.

“ABB is set to supply eight Heavy Vehicle Chargers (HVCs) to Trøndelag County Council to power a fleet of 35 fully electric vehicles in one of Europe’s largest electric bus schemes. The project is one of the first projects where fully electric buses of two different bus brands will run a large scale commercial operation using the same charging infrastructure.

Demonstrating the need for interoperability and the strength of open interfaces, ABB’s HVC 450P chargers, will charge 25 Volvo 7900 Electric buses and 10 Heuliez GX 437 buses. All buses are fully electric and operated by Tide Buss in the city of Trondheim, Norway on behalf of Trøndelag County Council.

ABB’s powerful charger, HVC 450P provides 450 kW DC output power and can recharge a battery in three to six minutes. The chargers are compatible with OppCharge, an interoperable and open interface for DC electric bus charging that uses a pantograph mounted on the infrastructure. The contract is for a ten year period and will include connected services like remote management to ensure high uptime during operation through ABB Ability™.”

Volvo Bus at ABB HVC

“ABB opportunity chargers offer charging at the end of a bus route during layover time. The chargers will be installed at the endpoints of four bus routes that are being electrified, including some more remote locations served by the Trondheim bus route.”

“Part of the ABB Ability™ portfolio of connected solutions, the chargers also allow for greater visibility and control of infrastructure networks, minimizing downtime and increasing efficiency. ABB Ability™ delivers web-enabled connectivity that allows network operators to perform several functions, including the remote monitoring and configuration of charge points, the resolution of driver issues, the servicing of equipment with minimal downtime and the flexibility to connect to any charging network, back-office or energy management solution.”

“The new fully electric buses will be entirely emission-free and will run on four routes in Trondheim, covering distances of between 12 and 15 km each. The HVC 450P chargers will be delivered in February 2019 with operations due to start in August.”





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